Slevin’s Pharmacy Lifford Prescription


Prescriptions can be ordered through your doctor using Health mail, meaning that you can come directly to the pharmacy and pick up your prescription without any waiting time If you have a recurring prescription, we can keep it on file and you simply ring us when you need you next refill and we will have your medicines waiting on you

  • Medical card prescriptions dispensed in our pharmacy
  • We can also dispense your medicines into convenient 7 day packs known as ‘Blister Packs’. Your tablets are divided into separate compartments, all clearly marked with the time of day. These packs help you or your carer to keep track of your medicines and ensure the right medication is taken at the right time.
  • FREE local delivery service is available to anyone within 5km of the pharmacy. This service delivers your prescription, over the counter medicines and pharmacy essentials right to your doorstep.In order to deliver any prescription medication, a valid prescription will be required.Prior to delivery, a pharmacist will contact you to advise on the safest way to take your medication and to answer any questions you may have.If you or someone you know would like to avail of this service, please contact us today and one of our team would be happy to assist.
  • We also offer a FREE daily prescription collection from all local GP surgeries. Simple ring us with a date and time for collection from the surgery, we will then arrange to ring you back when your prescription is ready for collection from our pharmacy.